Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Digital Images

I've become interested in working with digital photographs and printing them onto fabric to incorporate into my quilts.  I opted for Paint Shop Pro but the salesman advised that the memory on my computer was not sufficient to run this programme properly.  It has just cost £100 to repair and have the operating system replaced so now is not the time to spend any more money on a computer which is in excess of 5 years old.  What the chap did recommend was Photo Explosion Deluxe Version 4 and this appears to run very well on my antique PC.  My daughter has just stepped in and had a play with Photo Explosion - she says it is just like PSP which she uses all the time in her A level studies - Great News ............. I've got someone to help me through the maze of features.

Early days and you can't get more novice than this.............


With vignette


With some distortion

I can see potential already for some really interesting fabrics...................watch this space!

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Pat said...

Keep up the good work. You'll be addictive to photo manipulation in no time!