Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Visit To Wroxham, Norfolk

During half term a visit to Wroxham Barns turned up a little quilt shop with a very nice selection of fabrics but more on that in a future post.  The village (or is it a town?) of Wroxham looked like it was a major part of the the Norfolk Broads with boat hire, fish and chips and a couple of cafes.  The rest of it was owned by someone called Roy.....  There was Roy's foodhall, Roy's McDonalds, Roy's Boutique, Roy's long stay car park, short stay car park and so on and so on.  Roy seems like a really big player in that part of the world.  The whole place, with the exception of Roy's premises looked like it had seen better days - houses boarded up and a large, once grand, hotel stood empty and falling into disrepair.  We decided we would come back the next day with Jon, our son who we were visiting, and hire a boat for an hour or two.  That was not to be - when we returned the next day it was raining heavily and we reluctantly decided that an hour or two in an open topped boat would result in soaking wet clothes, freezing bodies and frayed tempers.  Instead we headed for the famous coastal resort of Great Yarmouth, somewhere we have never been and with a view that Jon should see a bit more of Norfolk than the campus of UEA, Norwich city centre and the inside of night clubs.... and if it continued to rain heavily we could view the seaside from inside the car.

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