Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Rainy Day in Great Yarmouth!

Expecting a run down and grotty seaside resort I was pleasantly surprised with Great Yarmouth.  Even in February it was clean, tidy and not at all run down.  We've never done seaside holidays but enjoy a good walk along the sea front now and again.  Jon didn't realise how close he was to the sea, about the same distance as he was when he lived at home.  We all found the journey interesting from Norwich to Gt Yarmouth - really flat waterlogged land with quite a few windmills which we presumed were involved in drainage rather than milling wheat.  Jon chose fish and chips for our meal before we took him home and then drove back to Yorkshire.  Too cold to eat outside we went into Harry Ramsden's and had the worst, most expensive rubbish we had ever eaten in the name of fish and chips.  NEVER again - I think Jon will be really looking forward to coming home at Easter and some decent F and C !!!  Apparently he can't aford them on his student income and has yet to find a F and C shop in Norwich so is msising the occasional treat.

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