Friday, 11 March 2011

Japanese Circles and Squares

This quilt started at the Susan Briscoe workshop at the Royal Hotel in Bridlington is finished.

It was quilted the day after I went to the talk given by Ferrett in York - I didn't feel able to stitch in the ditch or cover it in straight lines after seeing her magnificent work so I thought outside the box..........circles, land of the rising sun etc and came up with a large circle in the bottom left corner with lines radiating out around it to the edges of the quilt.  I drew round a dinner plate for the circle and free-handed the lines using a yardstick and chalk.  I used a brown/cream YLI variegated thread on top and a brown/orange Gutterman variegated in the bobbin.  It needs a hanging sleeve then it will be on the wall somewhere in the house.

I used a Japan themed fabric for the back, rather bright but it's not on show on the wall and I'm beginning to wonder, with the rising price of cotton, if a quilt is being made for display then should it be backed with a quality calico.  It isn't seen and costs a fraction of what quilting cotton costs.

I'd make this quilt again.  It's not a difficult one and lots of different looks can be achieved depending on fabric / colour choices.


Susan Briscoe said...

Looks great! I'll link to your blog from mine later. Gotta go teach another workshop right now (I'm in Queensland).

Deborah said...

I really like how you have highlighter the contrast of the straight line and circles in the patchwork with your quilting.

(South Australia)

Lynne said...

Thanks Deborah. I enjoyed being a bit more adventurous with the quilting - stitch in the ditch will be a thing of the past now I dare to do something different.