Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Prepare to be Amazed.........

Having dedicated last Friday to the completion of module 5 of 8 in the management training I am doing - deadline for all 8 to be completed by 31 March - you would have thought I would have had better things to do than browse the classifieds ads in the local rag. Hunger must have made my mind drift as it was around lunch time. Anyhoo.......... I just happened to see "Singer Treadle Sewing Machine in Cabinet". Before I knew it I was speaking to the owner and making an appointment to view.

Cutting a long story short my husband and I nearly did ourselves in moving this beautiful piece of history out of the owner's summerhouse and into our hall today. We only went that far as it needed a try out before being manhandled any further into our home.

I had a quick look in the instruction book which is in very good condition, inserted a bobbin and threaded it up. Having practiced "treadling" before threading I had got the hang of the rhythm and away I went on some scrap fabric. I diddled about with the top tension and after two or three lines of stitching produced a near perfect stitch quality. Will have to find it a permanent home now.

I need to do more research but I think it is probably older than me - possibly circa WWII (World War 2) but that is very much a guess at this stage. It's in beautiful shiny condition and folds away into a neat wooden cabinet. I am delighted with this purchase.
Only moments after arriving home with it someone called to see me - they looked it over - you can't miss it just through the front door - then said if I decided to sell it I should let them know as they would like it.
I am amazed to be the owner of this piece of history and I'll enjoy getting to know it better and also finding out more about it's past.

Next to the instruction book there is a Singer box which is full of attachments.......there's a ruffler, edge stitch foot, a zipper foot, a bias binding attachment, a gadget for scissors to help cut bias strips......to name but a few.  There are more and I'll look at these more closely sometime soon and talk more about them.

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