Monday, 20 July 2009

Recycled Fabric Quilt Finished

This one has just come off the washing line. I finished the hand stitched binding yesterday and threw it into the washer. The blue sqares are from Ebay, recycled fabric pre-cut into squares. I bought them when I first started quilting just over two years ago. I soon realised that I only liked to use 100% cotton, and this wasn't. Some of it is poly cotton - hence it has laid around awaiting a finishing off session. The yellow border and backing is also recycled - curtains I made a few years ago for my daughter's bedroom. One of them became a hamster accident when he chewed a line across it a couple of feet up from the hem. The quilt measures approx 65" x 36" and has only cost the wadding. Rachelle likes it so it will return to her room as a reincarnation!!!

It looks a bit creased in the photo and it isn't really - I could have laid it out better for the photo I think.

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