Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Today's Challenge

After some time in the "To Do" pile, Around the Twist is sandwiched ready for machine quilting. It needed four triangles to finish off the corners and it was wider than the backing fabric. Yesterday I split the gold backing in half and sewed in a central panel of purple and cut triangles in the batik for the corners. Up early this morning before hubby went to work and he helped me spray baste it all together.

Today's challenge is to quilt it - nothing fancy - I intend to stitch in the ditch along the diagonals. I'd like to also get the strips cut and sewn for the binding, but that might be a step too far for today - we'll see.

This workshop was on 7th September 2008 - tutor Barbara Slee. It's her last workshop for us in September this year before she retires. I think it should be finished so I can take it along to show her - she always says she sees the beginning of her student's quilts, but misses seeing the end result.

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