Thursday, 16 July 2009

Two Baby Quilts

A friend at work asked me to make a baby quilt for an arrival in August. I started off with the jungle animals and then had some doubts about it being too bright and not to everyone's taste. So, made a second, slightly less bright version, to give a choice. I think she was really pleased with them, so much so that she bought both - and I was pleased that she liked them so much.
It would be my dream to give up the day job and sell quilts - not a possibility at the moment though. I do like my day job, but playing with fabric would be so much less stressful. Better keep buying the lotto tickets!
There's one more day of work, then a longgggg summer holiday. I'm really ready for it, starting to flag a bit with the heat now. I'm hoping the pile of unfinished quilts will be transformed over the next six or so weeks into finished ones. Have to catch up as the monthly quilt workshops start again in September.......


Patsy said...

Adorable quilts!!! Love them both, can see why she wanted them both!!!

Karen said...

Very nice quilts!