Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fancy Dress Sewing

Not much leisure sewing going on right now. Have been working on a gift - which can't be published until after "The Big Day" and son Jon gave me 10 days notice that he would like to take part in the school fancy dress on the last day of term - as Robin of Loxley....... He found a picture on the web which he wanted to be used as the design. Click on the picture to view a website "The Legend of Robin Hood"

When I worked out the 10 days notice and compared it with my diary - I actually had four evenings! Two spent designing and making the patterns and two spent cutting the fabric and sewing it together.
We found lots of green fabric in my stash, so didn't have to go shopping - orange tights and leather boots were a No No, but other than that, I put something together that Jon was definitely pleased with.

He wanted a floor length cloak with draped hood, a belted tunic and a castellated shoulder cape. The tights were difficult and he had to make do with some thick brown ones I bought myself some time ago and hadn't got round to wearing.

All garments had patterns designed using Wild Ginger Software I took six basic measurements and then used the calculate measurements tool which filled in the rest. The tunic was drafted with Pattern Master Tailor Made, the men's programme, but the hooded cloak was drafted in Pattern Master Boutique, the women's programme, as there is no draped hood in Tailor Made.

It's a while since I've used the software but it was easy to get back into and the fit was perfect.

So here it is at the first fitting:-

And here he is with his mates just before they set off for school:-

Jo the Ghost Buster, Danny the Oompa Lumpa with Robin of Loxley............

Bow and arrow courtesy of Rachelle - it's the real thing, purchased last time we were in Sherwood Forest!!!

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