Thursday, 25 December 2008

Mum's Quilt - Just Made It! (Literally)

Started in September with lots of time to finish up before Christmas, so I thought. With the top all pieced by November, a chest infection and no available days to get to the fabric shop seriously delayed progress. I made it to Scarborough Sewing Centre on 6th December and bought a cream colour to border and lighten the quilt and a very decent match for the terracotta to back and bind. The main patchwork fabric squares came from Land of Oz fabric shop on Ebay, based in USA - I've bought a lot of fabric from them and highly recommend their service, shipping rates and great colour combinations of their pre-cut squares.
So with 18 days to go, a son to collect from uni in Brighton (300 miles away), all our Christmas shopping to do, a surprise request for a 3 garment Robin of Loxley outfit and working all day up to 19th December, the quilt became a race against time. The last stitch of the hand applied binding was done at 1.45pm on Christmas Eve and all the loose thread ends tied and cut off by 2pm - wrapped and under the tree by 2.05pm - Phew!!!

Lesson learnt - start Christmas shopping in summer in case husband and I catch the pre-Christmas coughs and colds again and buy everything I need to complete a quilt before I start it.

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