Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Revisiting the 2008 To Do list...........

Here is the update posted in July on the progress of my "To Do" list. As Christmas is fast approaching, and time for blogging will be limited, I thought I would see how I've done.

In July I'd managed 3 out of 12 projects from the list (or 25%) - now I've completed 6. Rachelle has new bedroom curtains, the poppy quilt is all done and getting lots of use on these bitterly cold evenings and the kitchen has new curtains.

I'm officially abandoning the remaining half of the list, none of them are important, or some even relevant any more.

What have I got done that wasn't on the list:-

I've been to eight monthly quilt workshops and finished (or near to) all but the most recent quilts, made a dog blanket, worked on an embellisher cuff swap, two baby quilts, an ATC swap, helped Rachelle make a school bag, made a card for my son's 18th, done some decorative painting, adopted a dog, visited Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, experimented with lutradur and evolon, made a pin cushion for UK Embellisher swaps, downsized two pairs of work trousers for me and done all the rest of the family's repairs and alterations.

I'm satisfied that my creative side has not been idle this year.


Annette said...

Well done you - I daren't even make a to do list (dusting would be one of the top items!)

liz said...

You have been busy! Thanks for all the great links in your previous posts.