Thursday, 31 July 2008

Replacement Needles - Janome FM725 / Xpression

My order arrived from the US today. Pack of 25 x 38 gauge triangular needles. Whilst the postage, I feel, is a bit OTT - Global Priority envelope costing $13 USD for a minute pack of needles, it is still far cheaper than buying them in this country. £1.50 UK plus P&P and only 76p inc P&P from US. It's worth the wait, albeit only 7 days.

This is my second order - I went for some of the finer gauge last time - 40 and 42 and I think my style of work, or my technique is too heavy for this size. Quite frequent breakages.

My needle of choice at the moment is the 38 gauge triangular. I may try the 38 star when I next order (not too soon I hope) as these are supposed to felt faster. Barbs on 5 points, rather than three.

Denise is a super lady to deal with - excellent customer service at Try Our Designs She sells lots of other felting equipment and supplies and has an excellent information page reviewing all the different brands of Embellisher / Needlepunch machines. Also a very good Tutorial / Information page

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