Wednesday, 30 July 2008

To Do List - revisited

I thought I should look again at the "To Do" list I so enthusiastically wrote at the beginning of the year............. 2 January 2008.

Finish poppy quilt - No

Make a box for UK Embellisher Swap group - Yes

Christmas placemats - I always intended them to be for 2008 - honestly!! Ha Ha - maybe 2009!

Start and finish the 'cow quilt' - No

Get new measurements into PMB - things have changed, for the better I think! - No still changing........

Hanging loops on towels - No

Alter some bed linen to fit - It is worth it?

New curtains for Rachelle - following hamster accident! - Can't find the right fabric

Finish new kitchen curtains - Yes

Make something for me on the embellisher - almost everything so far has gone on swaps - but I have had nice things in return - No

Prepare for tailored jacket workshop - I bought everything, stabilisers, pattern, pure wool fabric, lining and organiser emigrated at short notice. Must be the most expensive project I never did - LOL. I have the instructions, but not the will to tackle it on my own.

Choose fabric and make new front door curtains - Yes

So that's 3 out of 12. Does 25% sound better? Not really.

So what have I done with my time; I've been to five monthly quilt workshops and finished (or near to) all but the most recent quilt, made a dog blanket, worked on an embellisher cuff swap, two baby quilts, an ATC swap, helped Rachelle make a school bag, made a card for my son's 18th, done some decorative painting and adopted a dog!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing much better Off To Do List than On To Do List actually - now I feel better.

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