Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wood for the Trees

Yesterday could have been a sewing day, but it became a declutter your sewing stuff day. I like going through it all every now and again and it reminds me what I have (Too Much according to some people). I bought a bag from Ebay for my quilting cottons and invented a new rule - when that is full it is time to use some fabric before buying more. It's only half full now so I still have some buying power.

I did away with all my dressmaker pins - they're hard to see in fabric and even harder to locate on the floor so my pincushions look very bright with the plastic headed pins - sorting them out was a similar job to watching paint dry!!

My painting shares a small part of my sewing area so that got a once over. Located a bagful of paint I should have disposed of at the last tidy and that went onto Freecycle - four replies so far.

Quite a satisfying day. Will get some proper sewing done later.

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