Sunday, 18 May 2008

Is it a sin?

Is it a sewing sin not to hand stitch the hems of your curtains? I've thought about this for a couple of weeks since hanging the curtains and pinning them to the right length.

My decision was that it would be a bigger sin to leave them hanging there pinned but not sewn because I couldn't get round to doing the hand sewing. I don't see very well and my hands hurt holding a needle for any length of time - so decision made. Into the sewing machine and there they are all done. We really are pleased with these, they fit in very well with the colour scheme. We never get visitors, maybe a couple of Scouting friends now and then and our childrens' pals - none of them will ever notice the curtain's dark secret of sloppy hemming.


liz said...

These days I might well be tempted just to leave them long and uncut, do you think that's worse? Your ATC looks great, btw, and I have found they are quite addictive to make once you get going, although entirely useless, unlike curtains:)

Annette said...

I know your guilty secret!!!! - and what do you mean you never get visitors???? LOL!!!!

liz said...

Thanks for your nice comment. The images are on paper, although I think I would have preferred fabric. However the paper ones are probably easier to add a bit more colour to. I think the lady I got the idea from has coloured hers, they seem brighter.