Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year

No resolutions - but I have a "To Do" list. Mainly comprising UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I'd really like to never have WIPs (Work In Progresses), but that's not the way I work - easily distracted by something new. Here's the list in no particular order and probably not complete:-
  • Finish poppy quilt
  • Make a box for UK Embellisher Swap group
  • Christmas placemats - I always intended them to be for 2008 - honestly!! Ha Ha
  • Start and finish the 'cow quilt'
  • Get new measurements into PMB - things have changed, for the better I think!
  • Hanging loops on towels
  • Alter some bed linen to fit
  • New curtains for Rachelle - following hamster accident!
  • Finish new kitchen curtains
  • Make something for me on the embellisher - almost everything so far has gone on swaps - but I have had nice things in return
  • Prepare for tailored jacket workshop
  • Choose fabric and make new front door curtains.

Better leave it there or I'll be so overwhelmed I won't get started on anything.

Hope everyone who visits has a peaceful and happy 2008.

1 comment:

liz said...

Hi Lynne, great to see everone getting back to normal:0 very impressive to do list. I think writing things down does help to get them done somehow.