Monday, 24 December 2007

New Needles

I ordered some different types of needles for my embellisher machine. They are a finer gauge than the ones supplied by Janome and I feel they felt faster and don't leave such noticeable holes in some fibres. The supplier is a helpful lady called Denise of "Try our Designs" - she also sells other felting supplies. Click here to read about the different needles types and when and where you would use them - there are other useful information pages on this site too. I thought the mail order service was good - including shipping from the US these needles were half the price of the Janome ones. I guess this is partly due to the dollar/pound exchange rate.


liz said...

This is useful informtion, Lynne. Still haven't got the new needle holder for my janome, yet, but planning to soon. Happ Christmas and New Year:)

kay susan said...

Thanks for this Liz. I've been looking at those needles too, so I'll be interested to see how they work out.