Saturday, 29 September 2007

Experimentations Combined

I've got the feel of the embellisher, stopping, starting, moving around. One needle broken, but I think it can be snapped off so I can continue using the unit with four needles. Need to decide whether to buy another fixed unit for a spare, or go for the needle kit, so I can change individual needles - expensive to start with, but I guess it will be much cheaper in the long run. Even if I don't become a habitual needle breaker, they go blunt and need changing anyway. I've been using the dining table all week, so need to make room in the sewing department and get everything up there - we're not an eating off lap family, so it hasn't gone down too well this week.

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liz said...

Lynne, the vase picture is lovely, and so are Rachelle's cases. I'm afraid I'm a habitual needle breaker, I'm on my 4th unit already, and the old ones are down to 2 or 3 needles each(!) so I should definitely get a needle unit. My family have given up on ever eating from the table as there always some project, sewing or otherwise, going on on it.