Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Annual Vist

Our GDMI (GD Mobility Instructor) spent the afternoon with Scooby and I today. I can call for help or advice any time but they always come for an annual visit throughout the working life of your Guide Dog.

It's a chance to have a catch up, talk anything over, get to know the trainer in my case as due to changing areas I have a different GDMI now. Not a stranger though as we have met a few times. The first time was after my first assessment I asked if it was possible to have a test drive to see how it felt and whether or not my remaining useful vision would impact and affect my handling of a GD. This lady kindly arrived a couple of weeks later with an almost trained dog and we went out around town for her to assess how I did. All went well and I continued through the assessment procedures.

On the GDMI's side of things the visit gives them chance to check the GD Health Record is up to date and that six monthly visits to the vet have taken place. We also go out and work the dog around town under observation to demonstrate the dog and owner are working well and within the rules and guidelines (otherwise known as not falling into bad habits!!)

There was an opportunity on the walk for the GDMI to see Scooby's reaction to other dogs and food on the pavement, both of which cause occasional problems. I was pleased to hear that my commands and Scooby's reaction to them were definitely not a significant issue or cause for concern.

It was a great confidence boost to hear that everything is as it should be and Scooby is working very well.

Good job Scooby! Xxx

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