Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ready for Action!

The house is ours now so work can begin!

The roof timbers need spraying for woodworm so all the fibre glass insulation needs to be removed and stored elsewhere until the job is done.  Paul has decided to do it himself (not the spraying) and has dressed for the part.

Sparky has been very helpful so far by laying on the end of the bed watching.  Unusual for him to take a back seat but its too hot to be bothered.

We spent a lot of time emptying the loft at the old house, sorting the stuff and deciding its future.  Bit of a surprise here.  There's old rotting carpets, suitcases, tons of books, doors, fishing rod and he's only half way across the roof.  Lets hope the five pound notes are stashed in the other half!

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