Monday, 11 February 2013

How Time Flies!

So long since I have blogged and so much has happened.

I lost my remaining central vision on 23 November 2012 during a routine treatment.

I was registered sight impaired on 14 December 2012

Christmas came and went

On 14th January, which should have been spent celebrating Sparky's first birthday, I was taken into hospital with acute pancreatitis.  Into hospital again o 30 January home for two days then rushed back in on 6 February.  I'm at home now and feeling a bit better, but certainly not my usual self.  I'm waiting for an operation which will put me right, I'm told.  

Not a lot of sewing, or much of anything really.

At home, resting and doing very little.

Here's Sparky acting nursemaid the first time I came home.  I'd been missing almost a week and he was so pleased to see me.

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Julie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sight loss Lynne and how awful you must be feeling with pancreatitis, it's a very nasty condition. I hope you can soon have the help you need to feel more like yourself.