Saturday, 14 January 2012

Recycling Shirts - Creative Textiles DVD

Colouricious have been around a while now and they produce really good quality videos.  I particularly liked this one - you don't need to buy anything to experiment with the ideas here, just put some old worn out clothes to good use.  I have done some printing on fabric - I used stamps left over from my card making attempts and I have lots of acrylic paints - it's so easy to do.  I have mediums which I could mix with the acrylic paint to make it into fabric paint and it would dry softer - for a wall hanging it doesn't really matter about it drying stiff.  Rather than sponging the paint onto the stamp which I find a bit messy, I squeeze paint onto a polysterene plate (you could use a tile or piece of glass), spread it evenly with a brush then press the stamp gently onto it - then stamp the fabric.  Acrylic does dry rather fast but you could mix it with Extender to keep it wet a while longer - or just work fast!