Friday, 6 January 2012

Just Hands On TV

I subscribed to Just Hands On TV about six months ago.  For £6 a month you get to see two new videos each Friday.  This sounded ideal - Friday is my day off and to settle down with a cappuccino to watch two quilting videos after showering and dressing sounded like the perfect relaxing way to start my weekend.  (You can get to watch a limited number of non subscriber videos for free if you choose not to pay the £6 fee.)

On the first Friday I couldn't find my two subscriber videos so emailed the owner to ask what I was doing wrong - what I had found was a lady talking about an exhibition which I thought was an advert to get you to visit and a further video showing how to use a particular plastic ruler - for that to be of use you would have needed to buy the plastic ruler from the web site so I just took that for another advert.  The response from the owner was that those two videos were indeed my two paid for videos.  Over the following months there were a few videos of interest to me but some were quite short and usually finished before I got to the end of the cappuccino.  In December one of the offerings was a very poor quality video showing someone talking about mini quilts and I decided to call it a day.  My decision was more than confirmed when one of last Friday's videos was a 1 minute 24 second demo of how to sew a quarter inch seam with your sewing machine.

I consider myself to be an intermediate quilter who is working on improving more advanced techniques and I would reiterate that some of the Friday videos I saw were very interesting, but I don't feel there is enough advanced material to hold my attention.  Some of the videos are introduced as a "quick and easy" way to do something - I don't want quick and easy.  I want to continue stretching myself - I can find quick and easy quilting projects all over the internet for free.

I don't want to dismiss this website completely because if I was a beginner it would be a fabulous place to learn all sorts of "quilty stuff" and give you lots of tasters to inspire and develop your own ideas to begin your quilting journey.  Give it a try and see what you think, you can cancel your payment at any time if you use Paypal and there are lots of videos to browse through when you join.  We're all different and what doesn't suit me may be just the thing for someone else.

When I decided to spend this £6 a month it was to be instead of buying more and more monthly quilting publications and I can confirm that I stuck to this and haven't bought a quilt magazine since last June - pat on the back for me for sticking to that!!


Diane-crewe said...

it is always difficult to fing "good" stuff, especially when you are just starting to look. Check out they have lots of free videos, also Kaye wood ..I dont know the wed address but just google her. Also try YouTube for HUNDREDS of free videos xx

Lynne said...

I joined and you get lots of lengthy, professional videos for $6.95 a month, cheaper if you sign up for longer. That's less than a fiver so I'm really happy I found that.