Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ferret Workshop

Work in progress photo - I'm hoping it will look much more splendid when finished.

Here's a link to Ferret's finished version

Only managed the morning and lunch at Ferret's workshop at the Royal Hotel in Bridlington, but it was enjoyable all the same.  Had to dash off to the eye hospital in the afternoon as things are not going well in that department.

The food was delicious and Ferret was very attentive and helpful.  Above is my background to Autumn Leaves wall hanging.  You could machine quilt it in straight lines or take the more challenging option of free motioning adjoining leaf shapes.  Well, what's the point of taking the easy route?  I could stay at home and quilt in straight lines.  Once my machine stopped breaking threads (Ferret sorted it) I set off at a pace as I was already lagging behind everyone else - not unusual for me at these events.  I wasn't impressed with my leaves as I was stitching them, but once out of the machine and viewed at a distance they weren't really that bad.  Everyone at home identified what they were at first glance when asked, so they are good enough for me.  

I made a start on the binding - a Ricky Timms method taught by Ferret but it is still to finish off.  Fiona from the Royal has kindly offered to help me finish it off if I can't do it from the instructions Ferret gave me before I had to leave.

I'd definitely do another Ferret workshop - she's very lively and chatty and I liked her teaching style.

More quilting workshops at The Royal in Bridlington
If I didn't live less than 20 minutes drive away I'd definitely consider the residential options - the hotel is spotless and comfortable, lovely hosts, on the sea front and the food is awesome!  Actually if I was feeling flush, I'd probably go stay there anyway despite the proximity to home as it would make it even more enjoyable.

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