Saturday, 8 May 2010

What's on the sewing table?

This quit top has been pieced using three Moda Charm Packs from Land of Oz Fabric Treasures  I love this Ebay business and have used them a lot - the size of my fabric stash can evidence this!  The prices are great and postage is often less than what I pay to mail order within the UK.  It is currently 45" x 54" but I intend to put one or two borders around when I find the right fabric.
Going back to the Jelly Roll quilt, which is still under construction, I have been feeling guilty about the huge pile of off cuts there were after putting the quilt top together - I like the pattern, but it is a wasteful one.  I plucked up the courage to put the carrier of scraps into the bin last week.  The following day I retrieved them from the bin, got my embellisher machine out and punched them into a cushion sized piece of calico.  Photo is just a small shot of the entire piece.  There's still enough scraps left to make a back for the cushion.  I'm going to put some wadding behind and  free motion all over it to secure the bits of fabric and ultimately this will make the cushion cover washable, along with giving me lots of free motion practice.
Just for interest, this is the back of the calico after having the brightly coloured fabrics punched into it.  I haven't punched it intensively, firstly because I didn't have time and secondly I knew I was going to free motion embroidered over it.  I might use some of the preprogrammed stitches on my 4900MC too.  There's quite a few I haven't used yet - over 500 to choose from so even after 3 years of owning the machine I can't be blamed for not getting round to all of them.

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