Sunday, 9 May 2010

What a difference a triangle makes!

I have to say that this quilt has not been one of my favourites.  In the shop, when choosing the fabric, the browns and teals looked good to me but as I began to piece, it got browner and browner.  I did leave one of my fabric choices out of the quilt.  A very pale duck eggy sort of teal which just did not look right on the cutting table.  It was still the right decision to leave that one out, but it should have been replaced by another darker shade of teal. 
Anyhow, all is not lost.  I am determined to add this one to the pile of "pieced and ready to quilt" before my Horizon arrives.  I have been putting off checking the calculations for the setting and corner triangles for a little while.  I did it yetserday and it is so easy - why have I put it off for so long??  Not only was it easy, the dark splodgy teal fabric I have used has totally transformed the look of the quilt - Now I like it - what a difference it has made.

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