Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Horizon is Home!

I picked up my Horizon yesterday (well Paul did as it was so heavy) and have spent some hours playing.  It really is a lovely machine, in looks and in operation.  I've dabbled stitching samples of the various stitches, done a rolled hem and impressed myself with that - I could've done that on my 4900 but never got round to it.  Now I know it's so easy, I'll be using that again.  Just now I've pieced a quilt top with no problems.  It's quiet and the stitch quality is excellent.  I've had a go with the accufeed which is new to me, and I worked it out OK.  I did intend to piece with it on, but I couldn't get my eye in on an accurate quarter inch, so changed over to the 1/4" foot without the accufeed.  Looks good so far.  I haven't FMQd on it yet, but it's on my list. 
Scanned my samples but the scan isn't fantastic quality - some really cute decorative stuff.

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