Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Folk Art Village top

I've pieced this top on the Horizon and it was a pleasure to sew.  I tried the accufeed foot but couldn't judge the quarter inch so changed to the clear view foot.  This worked well and the seams are spot on.  The shadow free lighting is really good for my eyes.  The stitch quality is perfect and there are some really fun pictograms and decorative stitches to play with.
I've got a lot on at the moment with studying, hospital this week and volunteering all last weekend so I haven't really done as much as I've wanted to with the machine but I'm going to try and set aside a bit of time this weekend.  What I've tried so far has been impressive.  I can't wait to quilt and I've got several tops lined up ready, just need to get cutting the wadding and backing and basting it together.

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