Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shopping in Brighton

This is a remnant I picked up at Ditto Fabrics - it's 100% cotton and brushed on one side.  Less than £2, I picked it up because I liked the colours and the weight.  I think it will eventually become a bag.  The shop was packed from top to bottom and front to back, all sorts of everything.  If you like working hard to search for fabric then this is a shop for you.


Beads, beautiful beads - from the Brighton Bead Shop

I thought these would be a nice embellishment for my Africa quilt which is pieced but awaiting quilting.

This little chap will be attached to my Gecko on the Wall quilt - awaiting hanging.  From the Brighton Bead Shop

And this larger gecko from Kissing Fish will be part of the hanging of the Gecko quilt.  We loved this shop - full of wonderful things from Indonesia.

Some little fishes I liked at the Brighton Bead Shop.

These glisten like swarovski crystal, the photo doesn't do them justice, very tiny and I couldn't resist.

This is brightly coloured cotton muslin - bought at New Fabric Flair, 51 Gardner Street - in the North Laines shopping area - no website.  This shop is even more packed than Ditto Fabrics - you have to squeeze past piles of all sorts and other customers, to get to the back of the shop - only to find it is a dead end and you need to retrace your steps to escape.  Not a great experience, I don't need fabric that badly, but I understand that some folks do and there was no shortage of them in there buying lots and lots and lots and lots................

Some other shops in North Laines which I think deserve a mention......

Sensations Gorgeous jewellry which looks a million dollars (well it floats my boat anyway) but doesn't break the bank.  I think it looks a hundred times better in real life than in the photos on the web site.

Two Feathers This is a shop selling Native North American Indian crafts, jewellry and many other things.  I liked a lot of the jewellry in here, particularly the ear rings.  Tim and I could not see anything with a price ticket on and I presumed if I had to ask the price then I probably couldn't afford it.  I really don't like it when there isn't a price ticket in sight.  Looking at the web site after arriving home, some of the pieces I admired were well within my purse range so no price tickets lost sales - never mind, I didn't really need any new jewellry. 

Eco Logic Cool  This is the place to go if you need something really unusual - we fixed ourselves up with a present for an upcoming 18th.  We'll definitely go there again when we are looking for something for the person with everything.  I loved the gorgeous rainbow mosaic mirrors.

There's no doubt about it, we had a great time.  While I was wandering and browsing beads, fabrics, art and the like, Paul and Tim found plenty of other "man" type shops to forage in.


kay susan said...

Thanks for the tour! I live just along the coast and I'm planning a 'fabric and beads' trip soon, so I'll be looking them all up.

Leona Harden said...

Thanks for the complements on my quilts,

I am so looking forward to my visit to London May 18 to the 24. As I mentioned before, we are staying at the Hilton Kensington.

I'd like to meet other quilters while in London. Thankfully you and others are making me feel very welcome already!!

Leona Harden TurboQuilter