Friday, 9 April 2010

More shopping in Brighton

I found these batik cards at Kissing Fish and couldn't resist.  One is already in the post on its way to Paul's cousin for her birthday.  I must admit I thought twice about parting with it
I thought they would look nice taken off the cards and sewn onto cushions...........

I think that's it for our shopping adventures.........apart from a shop making and selling fudge.  If you're passing that one you'll be drawn in by the heavenly smell.

We ate dinner at Gecko, a large restaurant just in from the sea front.  It's a favourite eatery for Tim, up until recently it was called Wok Mania - all you can eat Chinese food.  Now it is all you can eat Chinese, Italian, Indian, Chargrill, Pasta, Noodle, Sushi, Tandoori - think that's all.  Paul and I stuck with Chinese and it was great, we'd definitely go there again.

Back home now and lots of sewing to catch up on.

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