Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sadly Neglected Blog

Things have really fallen by the wayside as far as the blog is concerned and I'm disappointed about that.  So many things have happened over the last few months.  I lost my left eye to wet macular degeneration seven years ago but have managed fine with the right one.  Last summer the disease was diagnosed in my right eye - there is no cure but there are treatments which stops or slows down the vision loss in some individuals.  Macular degeneration is an age related condition, unfortunately I'm not old enough for my condition to be classed as "age-related" so the drugs are not available to me prior to my vision deteriorating.  Trying to get NHS funding for treatment has taken up much of my time, along with family and work commitments and keeping my sanity!  I can no longer see straight lines and reading is difficult and tiring.  I am getting used to every line being wavy - this is everything, door frames, walls, stairs, books, tables, printed text, sewing needles, lines of sewing, patchwork quilts - you name it everything is wavy.  That probably accounts for me falling down the stairs last week and spending a morning in the minor injuries unit.  I need to learn to move around differently and not trust everything I see.
Despite being tied up with hospital visits, going to work and of course my highest priority, looking after my family, I have been doing some sewing here and there.  Which I'll cover in subsequent posts.
There are other things I need to catch up on in blogging world - some book reviews - I don't mind struggling to read the text in sewing books and I usually go for those with lots of pictures, sseting up a new craft group and other bits and pieces.  Hopefully I'm back on several blog posts a week.  Most of all I've missed keeping up with other people's blogs and I need to get back into that too.
Watch this space!


Annette said...

Thank goodness you are back - I've missed you! Avoid the door frames - they hurt. BTW - even if you have 'wavy line' sewing it will still be better than I could do with two 'good' eyes.

Julie said...

It's good to see you back Lynne. What a terrible time you've been having. I do hope the NHS will decide to support you, it is outrageous that you should have to fight for it. I'll look forward to seeing your sewing. Take great care of yourself.