Sunday, 21 March 2010

Craft Club

At the beginning of February my friend Chris suggested setting up a community craft club in the town where I live............well we checked out premises to hire, did a bit of advertising and the group came into being on 19th February with 19 folks arriving nervously to find out what it was all about.  Our second meeting yesterday had 28 less nervous crafters arriving for a couple of hours of crafting.  The room was almost bursting at the seams and we have decided not to advertise it any more, unless our numbers fall in the future.
Our vision for the group is for everyone to share their skills and take turns in showing others their craft.  At the first meeting we had a lady volunteer to teach others to crochet and lots were interested.  Unfortunately the lady changed her mind a couple of days later but Chris stepped into the breach, used the internet to find out "How To" about ten members learned the basics of crocheting yesterday.
Next month I am doing a cushion project for those who want to learn how to use a sewing machine and do some basic quilting techniques.
Those who aren't interested in the "craft of the day" bring their own stuff to work on - there were beaders, card makers, scrap bookers, knitters to name a few, all working away yesterday among the would be crocheters.

We're meeting 10am to 12 noon every third Friday of the month - quite a few would like us to move  to fortnightly or weekly and we may do that in the future but for now we need a few more volunteers to share their skills.  Chris and I want to learn something too.  We're hoping to invite speakers and folks who demonstrate so if you are into this and in the East Riding of Yorkshire area let me know.  We don't have a huge pot of money, it''s £2 a week to cover the room, tea and biscuits - no profit, any surplus stays in the funds.
Suggestions for a name were sought at the first meeting and everyone voted on these yesterday.  We are now known as "Pick 'n' Mix Crafters".

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