Thursday, 31 December 2009

To Do List - Reviewed

Here we are, almost at the end of 2009.  I think I've been sidetracked, well, that's as good as an excuse as I'm going to offer.  I have done a lot of sewing and quilting in 2009 - just not a lot from the To Do list.  Should 2010 have a To Do list?  I'm not sure, will think on it.

Gecko Wallhanging - Done

Cow Quilt

Finish Around the Twist Quilt-Nearly  - Done

Make myself at least one garment

Complete each quilt workshop project before the next one - So far so good!!! Only one left to bind

Join in at least five embellisher swaps - Managed Three

Christmas throw quilt for 2009 - Made two and two cushions - (cushions and one quilt were gifts)

Replace window treatment in upstairs cloakroom with a new blind or curtains

Make at least one more Colonial Cushion - Done

Knit a jacket (the only thing which has stopped me so far is finding the right yarn) - Still looking for some decent yarn

New cushion covers for the lounge

Start Christmas sewing in summer and include using the embroidery machine - Started in summer but the embroidery machine didn't get a look in

Complete Turquoise quilt - Done

Complete Baby Blue quilt - Nearly - Done and on Rachelle's bed

African quilt - Just the binding to do

So with some lenient scoring that's 11 out of 15 makes 73.3%


Annette said...

Not bad at all. Will we be going for 100% in 2010 then????? I daren't even look at my 2009 to do list.

Thanks again for the Christmas quilt and cushions - I took them to work - and everyone thought they were fantastic - but I didn't need telling that. I am just the luckiest person in the world.

Annette said...

Forgot to say - Happy New Year!