Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Embellisher Christmas Swaps

I've sailed very close to the wind with these, my eye illness has meant lots of hospital trips, some treatment and a lot of campaigning and lobbying for NHS funding.  This wiped out two weeks of December which meant no time for sewing projects or other Christmas preparations.  I've taken a few hours out today and put something together, one Christmas tree decoration and one Christmas card.  Not as fancy as I would have liked, but what I could manage in the time allowed.  Hope Royal Mail can get them where they should be before the big day.

Simple idea.  Felted a piece of dark red wool tops with a sprinkling of Angelina.  Felted a piece of dark green, cut into tree shape.  Small piece of brown felted for trunk.  Free motion embroidery over the top depicting a stylised Christmas tree.

Tree Decoration

Topper for Card

Finished Card

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Sue Wild said...

I'm afraid that I was a bit late in getting my card out, but it was sent out on Saturday and Pam got it today. Angelina does lend itself to adding a bit of sparkle, very useful stuff!