Monday, 24 August 2009

Blue Stars Fabric Shopping Trip

Two weeks on Sunday is my last quilt workshop of 2009. The tutor will be Barbara Slee, the last workshop she will be doing for us as she is retiring from travel teaching. The quilt is "Judy's Stars", a Trudie Hughes pattern from her book called Template Free Quiltmaking.

I bought white background fabric - not plain white, it has a very faint white on white pattern. For the main fabric, a dark blue, and the accent fabric, a medium floral blue/white. I chose blue as it is a colour I haven't used in any of my quilts so far, so it was time to try it. It will be a 41" x 54" quilt.

Scarborough Sewing Centre (quilt shop) was busy and I met Heather from York, who I know from the UK Sewing List. You know when you see someone and it takes a few minutes to put the name to the face - I think it's an age thingy. It was nice to have a quick catch up as we haven't seen each other for ages. I think the last time was a trip to Bombay Silk Stores and Saki Babas in Bradford when Dorothy hosted our Yorkshire Ladies meeting and led the way to the fabric stores in her car. I've just found a photo, taken by Paul, after we'd been to the shops. Can't believe it is nearly four years ago - January 2006. One good thing about the photo - it shows how much weight I've lost since then. I'm still burning a lot of calories carrying heavy bags of fabric out of quilt shops.......ha ha!

Update on baby quilts - the french fold binding is already prepared for both quilts. They are waiting on machine quilting. I'm needing some time to decide how to do them - now that I'm no longer just a stitch in the ditcher, it's not straightforward any more!

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