Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Miscellaneous Painting

Couple of tall terracotta pots and saucers - given away as gifts. Photo taken before varnishing - the flash reflects off the shiny varnish and spoils the photo, however, after the varnish is applied the paint colours become richer and deeper.

Ikea Mirror - painted with wildflowers. Given away as a gift.

My friend brought me this tin trough to paint for her for her garden - pansies and tulips on one side and roses on the other.

Ikea mirror with roses - gifted.

Ikea mirror with magnolias - given as Christmas gift.

Another wildflower Ikea mirror

Wooden lazy susan and cork placemats - for my dining table

Mirror and wooden box - painted to match Rachelle's bedroom.

Small wooden trough paintined with daisies and rosebuds - gifted.

Daisy practice on mountboard

Daisies on mountboard with lace edging.

Pansies on large candle and wooden plaque.

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Julie said...

What beautiful things to enhance your home.