Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Decoart Decorative Painting Course

I completed levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Decoart Art of Brushstrokes Decorative Painting Course in 2006. Travelling to a craft shop in Blythe, Nottinghamshire every Wednesday evening for eighteen weeks (150 mile round trip!!!). I really enjoyed this but have been very disappointed that more workshops haven't followed, it's not quite the same painting alone. Anyway, the following pictures are some of the things we did on the course, in no particular order as I can't remember exactly what went where.

Wiggle Flower

Painted lace on wooden coaster

Rosebuds on a faux finished Ikea mirror

More lace on card

Traditional English barge painting

Pansies and lace on a wooden plaque

Father Christmas on a wooden plaque

Teddy and daisies on a wooden plaque.


............and daisies. I think these must have been the first couple of lessons on level 1.

Carnation - using a technique where the brush bristles are splayed and pushed. Not something you like doing with expensive brushes!!!

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Julie said...

You were certainly devoted to do all that travelling Lynne!