Friday, 10 April 2009

Mariner's Compass complete

Finishing up the compass was a bit tricky, I only had the pattern and no written instructions from the workshop. The last couple of seams in the centre were a bit difficult and one is very slightly off - but it's as good as it gets and the family assure me it isn't really noticeable. I'm really pleased with the binding, I've used the instructions from the Rotary Magic Book by Nancy Johnson-Srebro a couple of times and feel I've really got the hang of it now. I have changed the method slightly and it has made a lot of difference to the neatness of the mitred corners.

Other quilt tops have been building up mainly because of my reluctance to bind, but I'm confident now so when I get stocked up with more wadding I'll be tackling them all.

The photo is taken very quickly in the daylight on a rainy Good Friday.

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