Monday, 18 August 2008

Learning with Lutradur

Today I've had a play with the Lutradur and Evolon bought at Festival of Quilts. Acrylic paints slightly watered down have been fine. Now I've got a selection of fabrics to further embellish.

This is a piece of 70 weight Lutradur, painted with a wash of acrylic paint, and some free motion embroidery. This is a work in progress, there's more embroidery to do. Where the embroidery is heavy, the piece has buckled - it needs some stitch and tear underneath next time.

Click on the photos for a close up

This is a 30 weight with watery, acrylic wash. Very translucent - pretty.

This is a 100 weight painted with acrylic wash

This is a 70 weight with a very watery, acrylic wash

And a piece of Evolon painted with slightly diluted acrylic paint. This has a lovely hand, very soft, almost suede-like.

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