Sunday, 8 June 2008

Quilting Workshop - North Wind Scrap

Quilt Workshops two weekends in a row - Just happened that the May and June ones were on consecutive weekends. Tutor was Barbara Slee - well known to the other ladies but new to Jen and I. This was a great workshop - lovely lady, and I very much hope that my North Wind Scrap Quilt will look half as good as hers and I will be satisfied. We were working with triangles, but once I got the hang of the method, you didn't need to worry about matching points as it did it automatically - well it did if you rotary cut and sewed accurately. Managed to do five blocks at the workshop and I've done another four at home - only another 39 to go. No more workshops until September so no excuse not to catch up with unfinished objects.

Barbara kindly let me take a photo of her quilt to remind me what mine should look like - well a rough idea - different fabrics make totally different qulits. Hope it's not too long before I'm posting a photo of my own.

I'm trying hard with this one - it's kind of expensive. £20 for the workshop, £29 on fabric yesterday at the Scarborough shop, £4 on thread so far, wadding still to buy. Quilting is certainly not an economical hobby - but never mind - it's a super day out away from it all and you end up with something nice for home.

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