Sunday, 8 June 2008

Looking Ahead to September Quilt Workshop

Barbara Slee is returning with "Around The Twist" and it looks good. She kindly let me take a photo of the sample to help when I go fabric shopping. It really helps to see the finished article when choosing colours and patterns. I've got a while to think about a colour scheme - I ought to start thinking where they are going to end up and choose the colour accordingly.


liz said...

wow, you seem madly into quilting now! Your quilts look great And I really like the painted mirror frame. (I'm a bit behind with my blog reading)

Lynne said...

Thanks Liz - I'm enjoying the quilting and it's good to have some workshops locally for a change, at a time and place I can get to. I'm hoping to paint more over summer - I've lots of surfaces waiting for a makeover.