Monday, 21 April 2008

Two Block Quilt Workshop

Another enjoyable workshop at Hutton Buschel village hall. Beryl Frank from Guisborough as tutor. I chose a black/grey theme for this one. It consists of two different blocks - one 4 triangles and the other two side strips with four smaller inserts in the centre. I managed to do several blocks at the workshop and the rest yesterday. Beryl thought my fabric choice wasn't quite right and adjusted, so I need a bit more of the background fabric to finish off. It's all up to date as far as I can do it and hopefully I can get to the fabric shop soon to pick up the rest. The longest bit has been squaring off the blocks - should be 6.5" but the No 2 blocks came out slightly small so I've had to square them all off to 6.25" - bit of a boring job, but hopefully the end result will be worth it.

This is the sample quilt in progress made by the tutor, Beryl.
Check out her web site for details of courses

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