Thursday, 3 April 2008

Box Swap - at last!!

Here's my effort for the February box swap - yes February!!! My swapping partner, Sue, very kindly gave me some breathing space as I just could not get on and get this done - too many other things demanding my attention at the time. For what it's worth, it's finished - lidless, I hope that's OK, and stuffed with lots of bits and pieces for Sue to play with on her embellisher. Thanks for being so patient Sue.
Various shades of bluey greeny wool tops felted into a fabric - then cut into shape and stitched together. There's a bluey greeny sparkling taffeta (I think) lining. The outside is embellished with some silver and green shiny mesh, sequin and bead flowers and a butterfly button, along with a bit of fancy machine stitching. The sparkles don't show up too well, but maybe will when you click on the picture for a closer view.
Off to the Post Office with it tomorrow.


Julie said...

It looks like it will have been worth the wait! It's beautiful!

Genie said...

Sue will think its worth the wait. Lovely work

Lynne said...

Thanks Julie and Genie for your comments, it took some doing but I was pleased with the result. I really do need more hours in the day for my sewing and crafting.

liz said...

What a lovely box:)