Sunday, 13 January 2008

Surprise Fabric Shopping Trip

The only thing that beats a fabric shopping trip is SURPRISE Fabric Shopping Trip. I was expecting Jenny yesterday afternoon for a quick practice on the sewing machine before next weekend's quilt workshop. She rang to say she hadn't any suitable fabric for the 'Japanese Bag' which is the workshop project, and did I fancy a trip out to buy some? Do I need asking if I want go to a fabric shop? Just put me in the car and go!!
We don't have a picture of the Japanese Bag so don't know what to expect - with that in mind I needed to keep my options open and get a varied selection, rather than just three fat quarters - any excuse!! Scarborough Sewing Shop doesn't do fat quarters - only fat halves, so you actually get the equivalent of two fat quarters. I came away with 18 fat quarters for just over £19 which makes my quilting more affordable than other places I have bought from. Choosing colours/patterns which go together is not my strong point, but I think what I bought looks OK. Jenny has a much better eye for colour. It took nearly an hour to make my choices and it was only limited to an hour because we had to leave when it closed at 4pm. Very enjoyable trip out - Thanks Jen!

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