Sunday, 21 October 2007

Wingham Wool Works, Wentworth - South Yorkshire

The Wool Works............well, different to what I was expecting. If you're into wool tops - dyed merinos it's a fabulous paradise. There's every fancy yarn you can imagine, dyed silks, tussahs, noils and I couldn't possibly list what I saw, but they have a web site if anyone wants to know more

You report to the 'shop' on arrival - 'shop' being a small stone building which is packed from floor to ceiling with you name it, they've got it in the wool, spinning, needlefelting line, including a large selection of books. We were asked if we were 'first timers' - they get accompanied on a tour, but due to being alone in the 'shop' the lady gave us directions about the sheds from the back door and entrusted us to take care of ourselves.

There are three garden sheds out back - the largest being the 'Rainbow" shed - this had allsorts of 'bargains' in - wool rovings, some dyed silks and other variations - I was a bit of out my depth in this shed as I'm new to all this and not completely sure what I was looking for - however, never say die - I managed to pick up three bagfuls in there and drop them into the enormous plastic sack I had been given by the lady on arrival. I must say my husband looked absolutely horrified when I was given the plastic sack, which was almost as tall and wide as me - and told me several times that it wouldn't be compulsory to actually fill it to the top.

Onto the second shed - this was all 'English' according to the sign outside. Waist high tubs of loose natural wool from all types of English sheep - sure to be of the highest quality, but not what I had come for - husband delighted I made a sharp exit without adding to the sack.

The third shed - top to bottom with dyed merino tops - this was it! Out came the list of colours I was short of and I started some real shopping. The light wasn't good in the sheds, so I had to take bits to the door to see it in daylight. There was a digital scale in the shed - hubbie tried his very best to get it to work - but no luck! Everything in here was £2.50 per 100g and you just got however much of a colour you wanted.I had absolutely no idea how much my sack weighed, and I had found everything I came for, so I reluctantly halted the spree with the sack about one third full.

Back into the shop where the white merino tops were kept and a good bag full of that tossed into the sack. Browsed the shop for quite a while and selected 3 x £1 sample packs of dyed silk tussah. I held my breath for the verdict at the till and was pleasantly surprised with the total coming in a couple of pounds under £20 - hubby was over the moon and there'll be no problem with another visit when I need to stock up .

It's a long established back garden operation, and not very tidy, so if you like posh, spacious shops it's not for you. It had everything I wanted and more and I thought it was very good value and extremely helpful service.

Great day out.


kay susan said...

It sounds great! I once went to a place like that and came out with a dustbin bag full of wool roving and all sorts of fluffy silk stuff. When I got home, I shoved it into the cupboard above the airing cupboard where no-one ever went - that was until the boss decided to look at the plumbing. When he opened the door, the bag split and all the roving shot out like a jack-in-a-box. And I was in trouble AGAIN!

Found you blog via. Liz at Altered Life. Have put you in my RSS feed!

Annette said...

'Not compusory' to fill your sack with wool - the trouble is I can hear him saying it!!!! :-))