Wednesday, 10 October 2007

More Embellishing

First piece is wool roving on calico, embellished with beads, metallic machine embroidery and other glitzy bits.

Second piece is scrim base, dark purple synthetic velvet, then a polyester gauze type over the top. Embellished with organza and metallic machine embroidery. The srim and velvet were reluctant felting partners - without the machine embroidery it wouldn't take much for them to part company, despite intensive felting.

I'm pleased with how both these pieces look. The pictures don't do justice to the beads, shimmer and shine which is there in 'real life'. What will they become? Not quite big enough to cover a notebook. Maybe a panel for a bag - it would be a shame for them never to be turned into something with a purpose.

1 comment:

liz said...

They're lovely, Lynne. You could always use them as a patch on a notebook cover, the embroidery, embellishing doesn't have to cover the whole thing.