Friday, 17 August 2007

Fabric / Gem Master

My new toy arrived this afternoon - a Fabric Master and Gem Upgrade. Photo of initial attempts - some decorated denim, which will be a pouch for my mobile phone, and a leather wrist band - the blank was included with the kit. Clicking on the photo gets you a close-up picture. Actually these are my second and third attempts. The real first one sort of caught fire and melted - I machine embroidered various organzas and other 'brights' and then tried to cut and distress the top layer of organza to let the lower layers show through. Well, I'm not kidding when I say this tool gets HOT - very HOT!!!
Before I do anything else, I ought to find out how to remove burnt on fabric from the tips (anyone know how?). Think I will have to heat them up to soften it and wipe it off without setting anything else on fire - maybe wire wool might do.

A pleasant afternoon experimenting. Watch out for me - I'm the one wearing the Glittery Bling!!

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Rosalind said...

I got one of those recently too :o)
They are a lot of fun aren't they?

I understand that the trick how to clean the tip is to have something like a loo roll inner stuffed with fine wire wool near you while working and periodically wipe off the build up of gunge.
(and an upside down clay plant pot is a good stand for the tool when hot.)
BTW I bet you spotted the heat proof mat in the packaging? I kept mine in the box and didn't spot it till a friend mentioned it!

Look forward to seeing your next results.