Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sun Painting

I won a Setacolour Soleil kit on Ebay today. Recently been admiring and inspired by sun painting on so I couldn't resist putting a bid on when I saw it.
Sun Painting is decorating fabric with the heliographic technique - using light. The paint goes onto damp fabric with a brush or a sponge, colours can be mixed with water and/or other colours. Shapes - can be anything, leaves, flowers, paper shapes etc, are laid on the painted fabric when it is wet, then taken outside and exposed to the sun. Dry in 30 minutes and the pattern of what you laid on the fabric has appeared, permanently on the fabric. Words don't seem to do it justice, all will become clear (or colourful) when I can post a picture. Maybe next weekend - don't suppose it is something I can do on an evening, because I need the sun. Come to think of it, there hasn't been much sun during the days recently.

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