Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Back to Work

Back to work today and my aching back has faired well - I think it's on the mend. It meant I failed miserably with the June Sewing Challenge - making strawberry tote bag, but I did get on with some more manageable stuff. The 3" squares completed and posted and also made very good progress with the violet quilt top. Only one more set of blocks to attach and then it is ready for the next stage.

I need to think about the points - some of them are spot on and others aren't. I realised about half way through, maybe I should square off each piece after sewing - it went much better doing this. Just need to be careful not to over do this or it will end up affecting the finished size if lots and lots of slivers are lost to the squaring off process.

I am waiting on 3m of Volume Fleece from JMM Marketing, and fingers crossed, I have ordered the backing from an Ebay shop. Hard to tell if it will be a suitable tone, but if not I will have to think again. I ordered 2m, and the seller has been in touch saying I will be getting 2.5m at no extra as they have come to the end of the bolt. That's nice!

When I worked out how big the quilt would be, I thought approx 36" x 36" was a bit small, however, seeing it laid out, it's quite a decent size - and, my maths wasn't great as it's nearer 40" x 40". Expect the quilting will shrink it back a bit.

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Annette said...

That is fabulous - you've been very productive. Look forward to seeing it in 'real life'