Sunday, 20 May 2007

Wedding Anniversary Quilt

It's Mum & Dad's Golden Wedding anniversary on 1st June 2007. Married 50 years ago at All Saints Parish Church, Driffield, East Yorkshire. I have made a mini quilt to start off my fabric journal. I tried to buy inkjet fabric locally, no success as I suspected but was assured image transfer paper would do the same job and iron the image onto the fabric. Well, not quite what I wanted - it worked just as it said, but gave a plastic coated image on the fabric - it didn't look like printed fabric. So, given up on trying to buy anything in town, have ordered the real thing from Ebay.

The quilt, is cotton lawn (bought from Ebay). I cut it into pieces, then cut a hole in it and 'framed' the images. Straight stitched round each picture, then zig zagged in metallic embroidery thread. Crazy patchworked it back together. Used the alphabet on my sewing machine to randomly do appropriate words, then outlined the patches with a leafy sort of fancy stitch. I felt nervous about embellishing with the metallic thread, it often causes problems one way or another. Not this time - I took the machine off auto tension and set it at 1, used a Schmetz metallica needle and away it went - no problem.

I'm looking for some silk flowers to fill in the gaps - I think the papermania ones will do when I find somewhere that sells them, unless I find anything in the meantime. Will do a little beading too.

The photo isn't great - the odd texture is because it is laid face down on the scanner and a little squashed.

So that's my first journal quilt.


Lorraine's Stuff said...

Lynn, I think it is wonderful..can not wait to see it finished..Your parents will love it..for sure, hugs,Lorraine

liz said...

It's lovely, I agree.